Friday, April 18, 2014

Double standards fucks sakes

Kind of continuing in the previous rant
I have heard of a company policy where a complaint against a female must be sent in with a similar complaint about a different male seriously what does this accomplish? making guys look like assholes? im doing a good enough job at doing this on my own.

I understand that this is put into place to make sure that girls do not suffer for being females or because males are douches, but what really bugs me is if a complaint needs to be made against a male, there does not. NOT. need one to be made against a female?

What this does is a) encourage mostly female workers
and b) makes it IMPOSSIBLE for complaints to be filed against these workers because guess what? There is no males. A complaint against a female needs a separate complaint against a male to be made, so you have a place of employment filled with women who can fuck up and slack off all they want


I have only heard officially of one company having a policy like this, but it would not surprise me if similar companies had similar policies.

Problem is, Im sure (hell I am really hoping) that most women are not femaniziz, so policies like this are put in place by girls in places of authority as a means to 'empower' women or protect them from male 'opression'


if a PERSON fucks up, fix it. This whole sex bullshit is really irritating me at this point, perhaps it is because I am on the internet and there are girls with (GOTIS) or girls on the internet syndrome, they are kinda like some girls in male dominated fiends. They think that because of where they are, and that they are female they are some sort of 'alpha female'. In some cases this is true, when it comes to my field, at a given level of experience most pilots are not better or worse than others (there is a few exceptions, and for those of you who went to school with me you know of one who is just too damn good. No, Im not as good as he is)

No, no no no, that is NOT how equality works girls. You are PEOPLE, a PERSON, who has the courage to get into that field, trained AS WELL AS EVERY OTHER PERSON

and it is up to you to be better.

It does not just happen because you said so, or you meet certain criteria.

Skill comes with practice, time and experience. Three things that I have seen people think they can do without and things that I have seen people expect others to have skill when they have not had enough practice, time or experience.


who the fuck are the 13 - 23 people who read this shit? Given the fact that my facebook friends are thinning out I must be striking a nerve with some of you...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snowden - the wrong decision

Dear Edward Snowden,

I am writing this letter to you to express my concern with your actions and your current associations. I understand that some time ago you released some compromising data against the United States government.

I am not sure whether to thank you or condemn you.

It must have been hard to betray your coworkers and colleges and perhaps even friends to bring to light things that you though were wrong, things that your country should know.

I hope that you thought that you were doing the right thing, the thing best for the american people. That would make you a hero.

Unless I am wrong and you are some sort of spy, and did this for money, in which case please ignore this letter.

Mr. Snowden my concern is with your current associations. It would seem that a Mr. Vladimir Putin has taken a liking to you, and is even protecting you from prosecution by the United States. Mr. Snowden what you did may have been morally the right thing, however it was illegal. If you love and respect your country at all you should face trial, otherwise you are a hypocrite believing that rules only apply to a select few and not to you. If you expect the government to be accountable for its actions, then you should set an example and be accountable for yours. Mr. Putin is an influential man, but I have a feeling that his companionship is to just get more information out of you. He is not playing nice because he feels like it, he is playing nice because you compromised United States intelligence and he hopes to use your knowledge to gain an edge on the United States if needed.

Please consider what I have said Mr. Snowden, and live well.

-The Generic Asshole


Abortion is a touchy subject.
You have pro lifers who view anyone who wants an abortion to be baby eating maniacs.
You have pro choicers who view anyone who thinks abortions should not happen are blind religious fanatics.

Truth is they are both wrong, and right at the same time. This is kinda similar to gay marriage and the church but we will get to that later.

Pro choicers are typically better about this, what they want is to have the option to abort.

Pro-lifers, you are typically a 'christian' (and for some of you I use the term christian VERY loosely. Like your daughters vaginas)

why is this relevant? Because in the bible God put the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, and had given Adam and Eve a choice. Do what he asked and not eat from the tree, or dont and eat from the tree.

If God had not put the tree there, then there would have been no problems. But God gave humans free will and gave them the choice between right and wrong.

We are Gods little experiment, he wants to see if we can choose the right thing, not out of fear of hell, or desire to get to heaven but just be good because we want to.

Abortion is the exact same thing. Im not going to say what is the right or wrong decision, that is very much based on the individual and the circumstances. So pro-lifers, back the fuck off.

Pro choicers, I am not done with you yet. I understand girls that there is some circumstances where you may want to abort.


Fucking hell, girls it sounds like you are pushing abortions so you can just fuck whoever, whatever and however you want. Condom or not, birth control or not.


Have you noticed that pro lifers are not against condoms, birth control or morning after (appropriately named Plan B. Like a decent lounge in moncton)

but I digress.

Abortions should be treated as an EMERGENCY SURGERY

for example, fetus is unlikely to survive, and continuing the pregnancy risks mother and child
sexual assault. yup, get it aborted.
perhaps plans c, b have failed (c - condom/control, b morning after) so you need to go to plan a - abort



and guess what, abortion was not needed.

I guess the point I am trying to make is, I appreciate girls having the option. But in most cases if people were not dumb-asses and girls were less slutty abortions should not be needed.

So pro lifers, I respect your belief that you think abortions are wrong. You dont need to participate
So pro choicers I respect your belief that its your body and its your decision. Be smart and you should never need an abortion.

Now, fucking gays.

Religions sometimes push the boundaries however if it is their belief that same sex marriages should not happen.


If you cannot do this, then I am afraid that you are going to alienate religions and anyone with half a brain cell who can see you want this to be a one way street.

Wait, I forgot queers dont have any concept of one way streets, hell they use the output only and  A FUCKING PLEASURE CENTRE

all kidding aside, people in a church have made a decision (perhaps poorly and without thinking) but a decision none the less. Like you made a decisions (perhaps poorly and without thinking).

If so many people in the world can respect your choice to pursue being a homosexual, is it so hard to ask for you respect these people back and respect the churches beliefs.

Finally, a little advice about people hunting for jobs,

If your former employer only remembers the one mistake you made and not all of the shit you put yourself through to make the place better. Do not use them as a reference, hell do not even put that you worked there on your resume. Generally speaking this is because you made a rather large mistake.

I have experienced this twice in my life, so I know.

However, if your employer is not able to remember or unwilling to remember anything else you did besides this mistake, they did not respect you or appreciate you as a person or employee.

Simply put, take their names off your resume, take the place of employment off the resume.

You do not need that shit holding you back.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shit be getting serious, yo

That Air Malaysia disappearance is scary. With all the tech thrown into aircraft, GPS, cockpit voice recorders (CVR), flight data recorders (FDR) and emergency locator transmitters (ELT).
Hell, radar and transponders have been around forever
Even with all of this stuff, proper training and screening of pilots it is possible for a plane to just vanish.
Granted, the location that they think the plane is located is a giant fucking ocean. Oceans are not exactly easy for search and rescue efforts

But still, for a time NOBODY had seen the plane, eventually various countries finally piped up and said they may have seen it on their radar but said nothing because they felt it may have been some sort of security risk.


I think they said nothing because it was a commercial airline of course and they did not want to embarrass the pilots by sending up some fighters or making a radio transmission. Then later when they had heard that this particular off course plane had crashed they kept quiet out of guilt.
What if they were able to save that plane by doing their fucking job.

Now, all of this is hear say, and really I am not sure if anyone had seen or heard from this plane before its disappearance.

Popular theories

...yup, that's the one I hear of the most. Aliens. I'm not getting into that one, there is no way to confirm or deny it, although there have been several cases in history of pilots reporting strange objects and strange unexplained disappearances. (Valentick, Moncla, Bermuda triangle, Earhart)

Outside Influence:
Now this could have been some sort of terrorist on the aircraft, but I dont think they got into the cockpit, they perhaps threatened the aircraft with a bomb. Perhaps the plane was strongly influenced by a military aircraft to do what they were told or face being shot down. On top of this, military organizations have the tech and ability to make things just disappear.

Rogue Pilot:
I hate to say it but there have also been incidents where pilots have attempted to take their own lives, I can think of 2 incidents (because they were on mayday). This seems to be the most popular theory by far but I have a hard time buying it, maybe because Im a pilot.

For the last few years every crash I have read hits closer and closer to home, one its the future flight instructor of one of the guys I graduate with and sometimes its a company that a friend of mine works for. I hope that pilots are lucky enough to avoid things that they cant get out of, and good enough to deal with everything else.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is my life and it is ending one day at a time

I feel like I am working alot in the last few months.

I mean ALOT

Like when I get home a night I hardly have enough energy to do anything other than sleep for 8 - 10 hours to wake up and repeat the process.

Im looking forward to summer and my 2 new jobs, one I love the other will keep me active

Unlike McDicks and the highways.

Not that I dont like these places its just they are not as physically active as a contractor, and I feel that is whats causing me to have so little energy

I think I may go for a run before work today and perhaps after so that I will atleast feel like sitting on my ass infront of a computer

and maybe thats it, maybe I dont fee like sitting infront of a computer on my down time since thats what I do at work anyway.

maybe its the fact that this winter has gone on for a few days longer than forcasted and getting people to come to work to cover the needed shifts is difficult

I probably need to get laid as well, really this should be happening once a week minimum to maintain decent sanity more appropriately I need to interact with non coworkers and non pissed off public but as it stands all it is really is occasional texting,

not like anything can be done because the roads are always crap

and thus the circle begins

roads suck so highways need a dispater to work
dispatcher needs trucks to be operated
the public gets angry at the road conditions
that I can do nothing about because we are way understaffed in the off season, and trucks are breaking down left right and center
which means roads get bad
public gets mad....ect ect ect

maybe its the monotony of it all, Ive literally been doing the same shit almost every day for the last 7 months, the month before december it was just mcdonalds

but this is it, the last storm of the season should be my last shift until I get called in next year. Now its just a matter of waiting to get called into my new job or start contracting with my new job and seeing as the weather has been like this lately I am not sure how much work the contracting guys have gotten.

Finally what I think I need is some time off, no flying, no work just to myself to hang out in moncton, play video games get back into exercising just anything that isnt work, probably 2 weeks to get out of this funk and back into the swing of things. Probably to king air ground school shortly after

maybe I will just keep reading my manuals, I think I need to be a little slicker with the plane.