Friday, January 24, 2014

Lots o Stuff

I cannot talk about my work, as much as in enrages me. So here are a few tips to make your winter safer and my job slightly less stressful

Roads are only ploughed if they can go somewhere safely
Drive an appropriate vehicle with appropriate tires
If its not an emergency, then you dont need to go. 
If the roads are not safe, you are making them more dangerous by being on them
We will clear a path for emergency vehicles

Seem pretty obvious yes, but some people insist on breaking the rules which makes things get done slower.

Now, onto other news.


I think that is the next generation shit

for example:
in the 2000's it was emos
in the 10's its hipsters
in the 20's (maybe sooner) it will be betas.

I really do not understand why young people cling to a style that was considered shit by their predecessors. NOT parents, the guys 5 - 10 years older than them. I remember emos in the late 90's, we hated them then the style caught on and then scene kids, suicide girls ect.

Mind you, aesthetically its a decent style, it has enough goth to be kinda neat but enough hot to be arousing.
And you know what? the same thing with hipsters. I hate the attitude, but hipster chicks look good.

Perhaps when young women take to a style that is shit, and change it they make it something fappable.

However, the attitudes piss me the fuck off. Like hipsters and emos they have always been around, we just never had a label for them. Now its beta/autistic.

Another interesting change in the internet is the hatred of atheism, when they used to hate relision. Now they are still not down for religion either, but it seems the internet has come to the realization that people who identify themselves as atheist are just trolling religion, hating it for the sake of hating it, feeling like they are smarter and better for putting it down.

What they have done is bascically created a christian religion, with all the negativity and no god.

And Betas/Autistics (in the eyes of the internet anyway) cling to this

Finally, I have met the elusive beta females numberous times.
Hell I dated one.

These are girls who frequent a certain website too much, and believe the shit they see on there. Spouting memes and references.

And you know what? IT MAKES MY DICK SOFT

It ruins an otherwise decent looking female by knowing that they are intelligent but naieve and their mind is full of dumb shit from random that they think is true.


in other news one of my coworkers got stupid hot, she has gone beyond cougar.

at first I thought that it was just a bunch of desperate truckers talking about her tits because I worked with her last year, I didnt think she was anything special.

Well turns out shes gluten intolerant, so she has gone gulten free and literally lost a shit tonne of weight from her gut and put it on her tits

she has got to be like 40 and just must have jumped up 2 or 3 inches and atleast one cup size

seriously WHAT THE FUCK

No wonder they like her tits. Go after her gents, i may not be an expert on women but something tells me that none of you are going to have any luck getting with that one.


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