Saturday, January 18, 2014

Its 5am, and I havent slept

Normally I would blame this behavior on alcohol, parties, women or video games.

Or some combination of the above, fact is I havent slept well in a year and a half. People who know me probabily know why

so now Ima rant on my new underwear.

Boxers, I got for christmas. Comfy but not that stretcy, light and breathes.
Pretty fucking solid for boxers however I have came across a small problem


For those of you who dont know what a dick port is, it is what I am calling the ingenious opening flap thing at the front of mens underwear, sometimes button sometimes just layers of cotton which allows for the pissing without the pulling down of the shorts.

My dick does not get through it.

This may be my fault, but I doubt it. I think the underwear manufactures just made it too small.


Speaking of dicks did you know jesse slaughter is apparantly in the process of becoming male?

Sweet shit website, you actually turned a camwhore cunt into a boy. Thats fucking awesome.

For those of you who dont know jesse slaughter was a 'chan' or meme or camwhore. What she ended up doing was pissing off alot of people, and eventually pissing off anon.

She is the anti boxy, where boxy's harassment lead to her loving the website more, jesses was something a little different.

After all the backtracing, naked pictures bullying that she went through she decides to become male.

You know what anon, I think I may have caused a girl to turn into a boy. I was the last male she 'had a thing for'

highschool bullshit relationships on bandtrips

so I cant say if she was dtf or not. I was a foolish man and decided to not cheat on my then cheating girlfriend.

Lesson 43 - Blonds always cheat, best used as cumdumpster or photographs

and now she is in the process of becoming male, which sucks because in my mind the girl she was no longer exists, however from what I have heard she still cannot take a side.

Sexuality is like gender, pick one. I dont care which one, I dont care how much you change but you need to choose what you like.

(I still think bisexualism is people who just dont have the balls/ovaries to make a decision)

and you know what? that is still fine. Atleast you are willing to admit that you do not know what you prefer more instead of saying you like both equally.

No. I do not like blonds and redheads equally, a long time ago while watching spideman I decided redheads were the way to go

where were we

right. chicks getting dicks

I must say that this girl doesnt cause me to loose sleep but sometimes I wonder, what if I did the wrong thing and chased her. would things be any different

probabily not

Relationships never end well for me, and normally I go after women who are bat shit loco. Guess I actually avoided one for once.

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