Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Alot of shit that should have been posted months ago

Todays issue will focus on love, relationship (doesnt it always) as well as objectifying women (which it should do more often)

Love, strong word. It should not be used lightly and honestly I dont think anyone knows the real definition of it.

A few weeks ago there was a post rampaging all over facebook. It was about a guy, who was not sure if marriage was for him and he was generally unhappy with the relationship. He asked his father for advice and he said that marriage is never for you; its for your wife.


My god, I never thought about relationships that way. It makes sense, you dont date someone for you, you should be doing it for them doing it to make them happy.

This is no clearer present than my bro from university, my old neighbor. This fucker is dating this girl, and before her he had a bad relationship (seriously makes mine look like some high school break up) and was a bit of a womanizer as a result.

Then he met her, and he started to slowly change for the better, for her.

She puts him through such shit sometimes, and I dont think she sees the relationship in the way I just stated. It seems to me that it is all about her, her issues, her lack of trust, her breaking up with him her pushing him out of her life.

You know what, this dumb ass keeps her. He keeps trying to make it work, to the point where it is almost self destructive.

Thats love in a way I have never seen or felt in my life, he is literally willing to sacrifice everything for this woman because he loves her.

As foolish as I think that is I admire him for that, Im not sure if I could do that

The love bomb should not be used lightly, and in this case he deserves to use it. He puts up with shit that I am not sure if I would for her.

Speaking of which I think I may watch about last night, it looks hilarious.

Warning: Im about to be a huge fucking hypocrite but this needs to be said.

Why do we over analyze things? My god, maybe its facebook.

Actually, it seems that women were responsible for this one.

My buddy posted something on facebook, to congratulate one of his students for passing a test and becoming one step closer to being a pilot.

Now: He did post the test, that is kinda private information BUT


a) the student passed, so there thats a thing

b) it was awfully hard to make out what the paper actually read other than pass

AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE FIRST THING SOME PEOPLE SAID (in this case the person was female)


Seriously. What. The. Fuck.

Any non pilot would read this and see a pilot test and think nothing of it.
Any other pilot should have been excited for his student and excited for him He is one step closer to becoming a higher ranked instructor and he is becoming a better pilot all the time.

Now I understand, there was a breach of confidentially here but that was not the point. The point was genuine excitement and pride for his student.

and you fucking ruined it by over analyzing it and taking it the wrong way. I read the comments out of curiosity because it seemed the guy was defending his actions, and I am disappointed in the girls who were unimpressed with him.

When I was going to school with them, they seemed pretty chill and awesome. It seems so stupid of them to think that this guy (who may be one of the most bad ass mother fuckers I have ever met) would do something like that. Its hard for him to be mean, no matter what. Shame on you people for killing his high and wanting to scream to the world from the top of a mountain that his student is fucking awesome. But he didnt have a mountain so facebook will have to be enough.

Like most people, unless Im flying then I would be happier.
Hell people can probably ruin flying as well, bosses who do not see what you see, customers who think they know it all and worst of all, corporate/administrative dick fucks who havent seen the out side of a cubicle in hours.

Maybe the issue isnt the job, its people and how they dont get along well in the work place.
Why is that, my old roommate put up with tonnes of shit from me.
Families put up with each others shit

Why is it we feel obligated to put up with our girlfriends shit when it may just be easier to go out, find a slut and get laid.

What is it that drives us to put effort into making these relationships smooth, and why cant we transfer it to the work place?

Do NOT give me the tired excuse. Generally speaking you wake up and work (because you dont want to be tired at work)
you pretend to be pleasant and respectful at work, but secretly everyone hates and doesnt trust each other and rarely does the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

Now after all this shit, we are in an awful spot coming home because now we have to deal with the people we like and keep this relationship positive.

Maybe thats the thing, coworkers dont like each other. They dont have to, they just work together.

I think the pretending to like each other and get along with one another is exhausting, which is why people dont like work.

On top of the fact that
a) they may not like their jobs they
have to
b) do the same shit every day
c) pretend to like and get along with their coworkers
d) politics
e) incompetent coworkers

my god work is exhausting. We are not paid enough to deal with that shit.

But there is ways around this
Remember it is only work, you are there to do a job, do it well and get paid
Do not trust your coworkers, they are your coworkers and only that
Your time with your coworkers ends when you punch out.

You should try to keep your work and not work life separate, specifically the negatives.
If you had a fight with your wife/family/friends ect, when you punch in that doesnt matter and for a few blissful hours you do not need to worry about it. The same thing goes to work, when you punch out all the shit at work stays at work and now you have a few blissful hours at home.

Keeping these things separate will improve your not at work life and your work life. If shit starts spilling over into one spot or another it will make work and home worse, because your work affects your home life which affects your work life ect ect ect

I am sworn to secrecy by my honour, but let it be known that I wrote this when I saw alot of shit being done wrong at my former work place and since I left this shit has hit the fan and it sounds like a mess. With one exception I think I may stop all contact with them because I do not wish to be dragged into the middle of this anymore.

I need to get flying.

And the air cadets need to stop, I am subscribed to the save air cadet gliding because it amuses me.
Now truth: I was in air cadets, I did do the power flying program.

However because of bad weather I did not finish the program. Literally 2 flights, my long solo cross country and my flight test.

The air cadets would not help me finish flying, I had to do that on my own paid for by my parents. So forgive me if I do not have any nostalgic connection to this organization.

On top of all this, they kept promoting family members and friends of officers to the point where I stopped trying the promotion exams and just left the building to try and get into sluts pants.

They had a problem with my attitude, but never told me what was wrong or how to fix it.

They were angry at me for something because one of the officers kids said I did something that was not true and did not try to figure out what actually happened.

They are happy with mediocrity (which as you know) angers me. They teach leadership. You cannot be taught how to lead, you either can or do it or not. IF you can then develop it, if you cant do something else.

Finally they are a representative of canada during the second world war, WHEN THE CADETS WERE PREPARING YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN FOR WAR.

When they graduated cadets they would have the skills and knowledge they needed to become killing machines praying for war.

They served a purpose. Now they are just boy scouts, teaching neat and sometimes useful skills to people who are hoping to never need to use them.

The armed forces are paying for the cadets, to be run by a bunch of civilians, and it is filled with kids now who you cant discipline at all. Because if they do not do well, it is the teachers fault. That mentality carries over from school to cadets.

Fan fucking tastic.

And at the end of it the kids get some money for college if they want, but the armed forces get nothing.


They pay for the stuff, they pay the civilians to pretend to be officers and what do the cadets give them in return


very few cadets actually go into the armed forces, and in the case of the air cadets even fewer.


So the flying part of air cadets is pointless, in the civilian world they will reteach you because the cadets have a reputation of being quickly pushed through even when they should not be and the military always retrains you.

In the civilian world former cadet pilots are awful, because you need to unteach all the mistakes made by a new instructor whose first students (around these parts anyway) were probably cadets, then unteach all the mistakes the cadets have been learning because they have been flying incorrectly without instructor guidance after they got their wings.

Do not tell me this is bullshit, I was a cadet, I started my ppl with cadets. Then went to a civilian flight school, then became a flight instructor, then taught cadets AND HAVE APPLIED TO THE ARMED FORCES.

I know this shit first hand, so not only does the cadets produce pilots that no one can immediately use and in most cases they have an unsafe, and inexperienced attitude towards flying.

The civilan and military world has a way to deal with it, MORE TRAINING.

you get your private license, then you learn to fly at night, then you get your commerical license and learn to fly multi engine and instruments. By this time you have an attitude drilled into your head, you have experience you have become a  safe pilot.

The military has primary flight training (which is single engine, night, multi engine, instruments) then specialized or secondary flight training (which is fighters, transport, sub hunters)

and by that time once again you have had an attitude drilled into your head and experience.

We stop teaching the cadets too early, 8 weeks is not long enough of a time to show them a safe attitude. PPL is not long enough of a time to give them experience.

The cadet training should be single engine, night, tail dragger and tow plane.

The cadets should be training their cadet pilots to become tow pilots for their gliding program. The gilding program (which is even less useful than the power program but hey they love it) is sometimes used as stepping stones to the flying program.

They had these course

Intro to aviation
Air traffic control

Now I think the atc course is gone, which is a pity but they have 2 aviation courses

Basic Aviation
Advanced Aviation
Advanced Power

basic aviation they teach the basics of flying, theory of flight mostly and maybe some airlaw and airmenship.
Advanced aviation goes into navigation and met
Glider should focus heavily on the GLIDING part and less on the theory. The theory should have been taught and tested the previous summers
Power they should be reteaching the theory (to unteach the glider) then teaching these kids how to fly at night and how to fly a tail dragger
Advanced power should be heabily teaching these kids how to operate as a tow pilot, how to teach the theory stuff and the whole gliding air side operation. These (now adults) are teaching the new kids to start the cycle all over again.

It may not make it free for the armed forces, but atleast it makes it more self sustaining.

Adds, you can politely fuck off. I have NEVER met any horny, attractive, singles in my area. They are usually 1 (maybe 2) of the 3. Horny girls - typically sluts and therefore would never put out to me. I fucking love getting shot down by whores, Horny girls also tended to get pregnant more often in this part of the world, and interestingly enough they were never single, but sometimes attractive.

 Attractive girls - The women I found attractive would not put out or didnt find me attractive. my taste in women is legendarily bad

 Single Girls - USUALLY SINGLE FOR A REASON Funny, how these random hook ups appear to be the cause of fucked up relationships and under normal circumstances they seem to be hard as all hell to pull off Wait, so all the fucking up of relationships probably started from a very very small percetiage of all, affecting 2 people per relationship...so it grows exponentially. starts with 1 relationship, spreads to 2 people, 2 relationships to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16, 16 to 32

So what do we do as a society to fix this problem? dating websites.
Which are honnestly used by young teenagers or old men. Young teenage girls usually want just friends and very few want to get laid, stay away from that bunch anyway. Never trust anything you see on the internet. And they get pissy because a bunch of horny old men are trying to fuck them

I was being sarcastic, if I havent mentioned it enough times  I HATE DATING WEBSITES

They are NOT being used as they were planed. The problem is dating implies desperation, lonliness and is basically a hunting ground for men and women looking to prey on weak people for easy sex.

GOD when will people see that this is how dating websites are going these days. There are some exceptions, but those are the ones they use to make tv commercials because they are attractive people, about the same age, looking for a relationship.

I have not seen any new ads on tv so there must not be as many people getting lucky here and with good reason

The reasons are:
dating websites are frequented by people looking for a relationship or looking for sex.

For those of you who frequent these websites looking for friends only.
please kindly leave, you are a huge part of the problem.
For those of you in a relationship already please kindly leave, you are also a huge part of the problem
For those of you under the age of 19, get the fuck off the internet

Everyone else: fair game.

The problem is you have old men, looking for sex/relationships and see stupidly attractive young women, who take slutty pictures.


These guys go for these girls thinking fuck it why not.

These girls usually shoot down these guys, these guys get pissy and leave the website.
Then the girls who would be dtf these guys get on the website, see that there is no viable targets and leave.

Basically I think dating websites are full of people who should really just stick to facebook, its just a painful circle of various horny,dtf people pissing off people who look for a relationship leading to them leaving and their place being filled with more of the same.

The Rules of Engagement

3 True Assumptions about people

Everybody lies - But they do not always lie
Everybody screws up - But they do not always screw up
Everybody is selfish - But they are not always selfish

People lie to cover up a screw up which happened because they were selfish.


From this we can also derive other truths about people

People like being listened to
People like having their opinions validated

Remember the rules of women? Now here they are and Im going to call them the rules of engagement. It would take a far more intelligent man to figure out the rules of women, the least I can do is figure our rules on how to engage women (for marriage or otherwise)

Rule 0 - Know what you like
First, before everything else, you should know what you like in women

Rule 1 - Know what you are looking for
First you should know what you want this woman for (one night stand, booty call, girlfriend, mate, friend)

Rule 2 - Location
Certain types of women frequent certain places. A bar/party is usually a bad place to meet a mate or girlfriend

Rule 3 -Location, Location, Location
Choose venture to take the girl out that make sense and she will enjoy

Rule 4 - Everyone gets shot down once in a while
You will not always be successful, you will fail often, that does not mean you have my permission to stop trying

Rule 5 - Dont be boring or predictable
This will kill everything you have done faster than cheating on her

Rule 6 - Only one engagement at a time
This rule is flexible, however even in the event of a booty call or fuck buddy the girl likes to think that she is the only one.

Rule 7 - Expect double standards
and expect them to work against you. This is what feminist call 'equality' just work with it for now, eventually the girl will become more balanced and less bitchy

Rule 8 - Avoid Clingers
Clingers no matter what kind of relationship you go for always want to be your last. This could complicate things if they are not

Rule 9 - Avoid Virgins
Virgins can go one of a few ways, none of which are good for you. They could go complete slut which basically turns them into a booty call or they could want to be your last (see rule 8)

Rule 10 - Expect over analyzing
And no I dont mean the good anal. Women seem to take things at more than face value more often then men.

Rule 11 - Do not expect sex
If you are too pushy it will not happen, however if you are not pushy enough expected her to jump you.

Second Last Rule - Sometimes you get lucky

Last Rule - Sometimes none of the rules apply

the fuck LMFAO

They are taking a break to focus on other projects.
I thought that meant they were going to no do the drinking, party rockin bullshit that no one over the age of 30 should really be involved in. More serious music perhaps.

I also though that if they did that it would be awful and they would be back together within the year.

Nope. They did the oppositee of that, they are basically making the same music they did when they were together, doing the same shit just not working together.

The fuck happen? They get all bitchy about the younger guy being able to fuck 18 year old women and the forty something fuck got jealous.

DUDE You are old enough to be a parent of someone who enjoys your music.

And that is fine if you have been in the game for a while. You started when you were old making music for people who are young.

I really dont know how that worked but fuck it roll with it. But seriously, considering how old these guys are (and that they probabily were not like this before LMFAO) it is kind of a strange career move.

I am aware that the band was formed out of a joke, and their music starting out was not that great. Honnestly I though they were some bullshit youtube 'famous' band with a name like LMFAO. And their music reflected this. However as time went on their music got better and better, to the point where I am sad that they stopped working together.

Atleast they got out on a bang, stopped doing this while they were at their best and not a wash out.

However, they are still making the same sort of music, living the same sort of life.


It seems the like working in a group.

So what was the purpose of stopping lmfao, me like most people have no fucking idea who sky blu or red foo is. It just sounds like a ripoff of lmfao to me.