Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What the fuck

Well since none of my friends are online for me to vent at, I guess I will vent at you.

The fuck?
God this is turning out to be the year from hell...
Allright, first thing on my mind: I CANT FIND A FUCKING JOB

I dont mean some bullshit slacker job like mcdonalds or wal mart, A REAL FUCKING JOB IN THE FIELD I HAVE TRAINED IN.

I am getting an indication that this is because of a bad reference from my last place of employment.

Yeah, I have learned my lesson. Never work with teenagers.

So thats kinda getting in the way, so now it has been suggested to me that I go to all the places I have applied, find out if they called anyone and what they said about me.
In the event that I did receive a bad reference have an awkward and probably unpleasant conversation with that individual (who I would honestly just like to tell to FUCK OFF)

God damn thats going to be alot of driving and Im going to be alot of pissed off. I need to take up a new hobby.

Shooting perhaps. Maybe that is what I will do, buy a fucking gun and go to the range and just shot shit. Perhaps it will make me less pissed, or atleast let me not think about how pissed I am because I am holding 5 pounds of death dealing iron.

It would just be easier to drop 10 grand on trucking school and drive an 18 wheeler.

Now, for the what the fuck moment.

My friends have broken up.
Surprise I know, which friends you ask dear reader? The succubus and clingy guy.

I saw this coming for a bit, but the why kinda surprised me. She was not happy that the guy was hiding things from her and others and would only show it when he was stressed out and felt that he lacked conviction. He would say something, then not do it.

Once again a glorious case of a couple who vent to me and not each other.

Perhaps I should be a marriage counsellor.

She broke up with him, that I am not surprised over. I always had a feeling that she would eventually break his heart. He seemed to care about her ALOT more than she seemed to care about him. (however she tended to be the clingy one)

Anyway she was telling me this earlier, and literally NONE OF OUR FRIENDS IN THIS GROUP IS ONLINE.

Who the fuck do I have to say what the fuck to? NOBODY!

Now, this all aside. This is not a bad thing. They obviously were not going to work, if she could not figure him out enough to get him to open up about hiding or figure out what he was hiding then perhaps not best suitable mate at this time. If he could not motivate himself to stick to what he says to her, for her then perhaps not best suitable mate at this time.

He is my better friend, so I am going to take his side. Which is kinda rough for her, as all of our mutual friends were his friends first and then her friend after. I do not know how much support he will have though, this relationship costed him a bit. This is the couple I mentioned earlier how everyone felt they would only speak to them to use or manipulate them. Then that post upset my friend (probably because I was right)

However, he has still not spoken to me about it. He just ranted at her which by the sounds of things is what started this.

As in all break ups, that was not the only reason why. She had other issues with him, which were probably not addressed as soon as they should have been. Which is a shame, but these things happen.

This costed her alot as well, she tended to hang out with him and only him and his friends by proxy and was not out socializing or mingling as much as she could have been leaving her living with her ex, in a town where she does not know many people.

Well perhaps he can get some easy pussy out of this. I really need to talk to him, I dont think he is on the path to be like me, but could be much worse off. He was at the point in the relationship with the clinger where it was still fun for him and he liked her. Where I was at the point in the relationship were I was ready to cheat on the clinger because she had stopped being fun and became more of a stalker (and the fact that she lost her shit to my dad and called him a liar did not help her cause any either)

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