Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things that really suck

Here are some things that suck, involving women.

1) The 'r' word
2) Awesome to Not

Relationship, that word can be scary to people. It changes everything because now you can fuck up, now there is a chance it can end badly.

I really fucking hate it when the relationship is forced onto someone. For example (yes, this is from experience)

You are hanging out and talking with this awesome girl. The relationship is not overly intimate, you just enjoy each others company. Then one day, because of courage or alcohol one of you kisses the other.

Now everything changes, when you hang out with her you start spending less time enjoying her company and more time enjoying her body, this does not have to be a bad thing. Eventually you will come to a balance of making out and having conversation and things are good. One day things are going to change again when on of you decides to make it to second base.

At this point this will usually go one of 3 ways.

1) we shouldnt do this, then it stops
2) you make it to third and process repeats
3) the worst, the one which requires a paragraph to explain

The r word comes up. Are you dating this girl or not?
Why of fucking why do women have to ruin something fun and good with trying to get commitment or a relationship out of it. Now things will change again, if you had any other girls you were thinking of you have to (or atleast should) drop them.
You like the fooling around and you like the girl, but why is this the point that guys will sometimes put as much distance between them and her as possible? A forced relationship.

For example: before we go any further we should be boyfriend and girlfriend.
No. that only works for sex and marriage, hell foreplay and marriage.

Then if you say yes, does it change anything. It does not have to, however it usually will. If you say no, you cant even hang out with her anymore because you went there and honnestly there is no going back from that.

For example, girls I have fucked, being friends with them is...weird, having a girl who isnt them and them having a boyfriend who isnt you is kinda strange.

Everytime you see them you will think (if they were good)
I saw her naked and she fucks pretty good, god its such a distracting thing to be thinking during a conversation

If they werent good in bed you will be pitying the poor fucker who is fucking her now. and intimacy seems to ruin friendships. Because just being friends is weird because there was something more there once.

So perhaps I should not be asking why women ruin fooling around and sex by brining up the r word but why do we as humans ruin friendships by trying to fuck the opposite sex

Why do we lust? For me its redheads and milfs.

But still I ask, why does it have to be ruined by it having to be a relationship? Why cant sex be sex, why does there need to be an intimiacy and love? Really its just how we procreate, and love and intimacy has nothing to do with that, but why has society said it has to?

My fuck I would have been so happy years ago if girls were not pushing to be in a relationship and I had the spine to shoot them down.

In short, it really pisses me off when fuck buddys or friends with benefits start forcing a relationship. That being said, if you enjoy a friends company and it turns into sex...and it doesnt get weird and you never considered that person a friend with benefits or a fuck buddy, when the r word comes up it is not such a big deal. But if someone feels forced into a relationship, it will not end well. If it doesnt get weird, that is the closest thing to love that may exist.

Now: Awesome to not, its like a hot girl that is as dumb as a post or a girl who is moderately geeky and turns out to be clingy, or a girl who seems perfect and awesome for you...who starts telling you how to live your life, not as advisement, it would be like they know more than you and you are incapable of making the best decision for yourself.

Fucking cunts.

Ugh...I have met several awesome women who go cunt so quickly. Perhaps its just a one off thing who fucking knows but it bugs me. Like before, why is it when women are looking so fucking awesome they can so easily become such fucking cunts?

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