Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The best love story ever

This really needs to be written down, because honestly it may be the best love story since Romeo and Juliet. Let me set the tone.
University, 2007, a party house (the eventual house of the year but that is beside the point)
Done, now our hero; Ares; an upperclassmen, a survivor of first year, tall and lanky, glasses, blue eyes and a fucking awesomely chiselled chin, dark hair longer than short but shorter than long. Got it? Good.
Now our heroine; Erinyes; a first year, tall (but not as tall), slim, long dark hair, sometimes curly sometimes not, flirtatious (seriously, this girl is a cocktease, everything she does can be suggestive) probably because she was a fine arts students (please do not ask how I know this). Got it? Good.

It probably all started during the frosh party. I do not remember the night at all. Maybe I wasn’t even there. But it probably started with a look. He was scoping out the room looking for an attractive frosh with low self esteem. You see when you are looking for a hook up, the trick is to find the sweet spot where the graph of attractiveness intersects the graph of self esteem, ideally minimum self esteem with maximum attractiveness. Logically you start with the less attractive females or females who are not as voluptuous. Knowing this Ares saw a slim brunette, sitting next to a much curvier dirty-blond female (which would eventually be regarded by men and women alike as the most attractive woman in the house that year) and Ares liked what he saw but backed off when Erinyes noticed him checking him out.
This is where I wish we could read minds, because as much as Ares may have liked Erinyes. I believe Erinyes was more attracted to Ares.

We had a spark, however it did not catch flame this night or any night for a long, long time. Ares had given up chasing Erinyes almost immediately. This was because of her flirtatious mannerisms. Seriously, I have never met anyone quite like her and her somewhat regular one night stands with a man on a higher floor with more muscles and epic facial hair. Ares thought that he did not have a chance.

Turns out Erinyes was hooking up with this individual because she felt that Ares did not want to chase her.

Fucking hell people, just talk to each other.

It was not until at least two months later when one would make the first move.
To most people two months is not a long time, in two months people I did not know before became some of my closest friends and I could not imagine a day where I wasn’t drinking or pretending to study with them.

Ares was in luck, a beautiful woman and him had just decided to start dating.
Unfortunately this woman was not Erinyes. Literally, just hours this happened Erinyes had worked up the courage that she had been saving up for at least 8 weeks and asked Ares on a date.
And she was shot down like a nazi over Brittan in the ‘40s.
Ares had know that his good friend, the doctor, was quite interested in Erinyes (perhaps this influenced his decision to date the other girl. I have no fucking idea) So he set those two up.
And that relationship went about as well as the defence of pearl harbour.

And so it came to be that these two played this game of conveniently not being single when the other one was and before you knew it, the year was up. Summer happened. Then life happened, our house, our family was no longer living together.

That being said, we are still a pretty close group now (this is because of the lack of house-cest)
What of Ares and Erinyes?

It seems that Erinyes has had a string of moderately unsuccessful relationships with men and women.
Ares is in a stable, long term relationship with a woman he loves.

The real tragedy here, It is not Erinyes, It is the fact that the world will never know what these two could have been.

Would have they been perfect for each other. I think so, and made each other happy. I think so.
Happier or more perfect than what Ares has now or what Erinyes may have in the future. I don’t know.
I hope that neither of them has regrets of what they have decided but I know from experience that sparks never fade. When you look at someone that you had a spark or a one night stand with there will always be a part of you wondering what life would be like with that person.

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