Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hell on wheels

Warning: Major spoilers are ahead potentially. I fucking love hell on wheels, best damn show I have seen in a while Mind you Im told breaking bad is also awesome, but I havent got into that Im also balls deep in dexter. But this is about hell on wheels, Ill try to keep the spoilers to a minimum and I will give some warning Hell on wheels is about the construction of the union pacific railroad. Bullshit, the railroad is just the setting, its the wild west, gunslingers, desperados, indians, horses all that good shit. I was a little iffy about the show at first, I am not much of a western guy, but the first episode was awesome. Its very well written and can quickly establish characters and kill them off in the same episode if need be. It has a similiar attitude that game of thrones has with regards to killing off characters. What really got me into the show was the intelligence of the characters. In many other shows and movies you have stupid characters to create conflict and plot. (ie walking dead where all the women seem to be cunts and useless and the children dont fucking listen) Or characters that you just hate once again back to walking dead, another series that im told is good but it has just inspired rage in me when I see the women be useless or the children not listen always ending up in the main characters nearly getting killed by the undead. Fuck have they not learned yet (Im told though that the cunts are being killed off and the children are becoming badasses so I may give this new season a shot) Hell on wheels isnt like that, every character has a backstory, kinda sorta revealed as time goes on through conversations with others or flashbacks. It is a group of people who would never work together but they have a common goal, and proper motivation. The characters are intelligent, I have never seen an episode or conflict and though Thats not how it would have happened, or why dont you just fucking say it or how could you be so stupid or oblivious to something obvious. Smart characters need tougher conflict, and you want to keep watching because you want to know how they are going to get themselves out of this mess, and they usually do so in an elegant fashion, intelligent and badass. Characters also change good guys become bad guys (I have not seen the opposite of this yet) but one thing remains constant: The honour of the main character Cullen Bohannen. Here begins the spoliers Cullen Bohannen is an ex confederate soldier. Think of him like a jedi general in any of the star wars conflicts. He ran a tabocco farm, freed his slaves a year before the war and went to war because of his honour, he must defend his homeland even if he thinks that they are wrong. He is smart, good with explosives (small amount of black powder = bridge gone) His wife was the daughter of the man who owned the railroad in his home town, interesting connection because that guy was BFF with the man antagonist (Thomas Durant) kinda explains how Bohannen knows so much about railroads. It sounds like his is well educated though I dont think this has been confirmed. His wife and son were killed by a group of union soldiers, and he seeks out these men and kills them. He is an excellent shot, calm under fire and a leader. All possibly thanks to the civil war, or perhaps not we dont know, but it doesnt matter. He is on a quest of revenger, but honours his word to a fault. Elam Fergusen Bohannens right hand basically, black man...well half white, he was born of a slave and the slaves master. He was taught to read and when freed has a huge chip on his shoulder, my friend loves him. I dont like him nearly as much as he does but Elam goes through the most changes out of any character. He starts off as a ex slave with a chip on his shoulder, no respect. Bohannen takes him under his wing, they save each others lives and hold off an attack by dozens of cheyenne. His first gunfight before this did not go as smooth (he only hit once while bohannen killed the other 5 men before he could get his first shot off) and he didnt even kill the fucker. No matter after this he became what Bohannen was basically, a gun for hire keeping order and peace on the railroad, he became more awesome but then his ego grew. He stopped haning out with his friends and family and got hammered all the time and killed when he was told to. After realizing that he was trying to be white and was rejected by many of the white men he returned to his friends and family, still a badass, less of a drunk and a better overall man. Thomas Durant The badguy...basically, he owns the railroad and did not come from money. He is smart, tough, isnt afraid to get his hands dirty, but if that can be avoided he avoids it. He is a doctor, made his fortune then created companies. He is obsessed with making money (his wife is even more evil and that was possible I dont know) He had a son who died during childbirth resulting is the less than optiminal relationship with his wife. Eventually when he is caught stealing money he is arrested, but he has gotten out of similar binds, I hope to see him in season 3, but I doubt it since Bohannen has been promoted to his job. Bohannen went from walking boss to foreman/mercenary to train robber to security chief/mercenary to boss of the railroad construction, he has reported to Durant the owner of the railroad and at the end of the second season it looks like he only reports to the board.

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