Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You know what website? I quit you.

Its late, Im probabily not going to sleep yet...
time for a rant.

There is a certain website that I used to frequent...until about 2 minutes ago.
They didnt post anything over the line really
nothing too offensive or disgusting (by my extremely numbed feelings)
They posted something about something that happened close to home, 2 hours from home in fact.

I will give you the quick and dirty.
Girl gets drunk, raped by 4 guys, hangs herself.

You know what, shit like this probably happens all the time in my town but I dont hear about it
and I certainly do not hear about it on that website. Generally speaking I like keeping my real live and internet life separate to some extent (and I write this blog, why you ask? Figure it the fuck out)

Its not the rape, or underage drinking or suicide. For stories like this are posted all the time there, and most of the time they are fake. This time, I know it happened, it was all over the news. It also happened close to home, I dont even know these people but it scares me that my internet life can get so close to my real life.

Oh, content warning on this post

Point being, these individuals were discussing (rather crudely) if the woman in question was actually raped.

As vile, disgusting, and evil as these guys can be they do have a point.
The problem with rape is, it is definitely a very very bad thing but proving it is somewhat of a grey zone and usually results in a he said/she said kind of thing.

They suggest that she was not raped, but was wanted what she got.


If she was sober, then perhaps, but while drunk you are not thinking straight and


would things change if she was sober?
No. The problem was not the act, it was the fact that she was caught in the act.

Now, me personally, would I care...depends on the act.
and thats the point, if you get caught doing something that puts your reputation in jeopardy people may do foolish things.

This girls reputation would have been ruined had she said it was anything other than rape. So she did the only logical thing. Destroys the life and reputation of 4 men who may or may not have been in the wrong.

If they did it: then hopefully someone shoots them
If they did not do it: then hopefully they learn never to have sex with drunk bitches.

But I guess it doesnt matter, because she killed herself. Why would someone kill themselves.

Obvious reason: Were raped, that fucks with your head
It is something that is unwanted by the mind, it is a violation.

Not so obvious reason: She wasnt, and she knew it and felt guilt for destroying those men.

How could this have been avoided?
A bit more discreetness with alcohol, and behaviour.

The teachers and parents failed;

people underaged are going to drink, dont try and teach it away, or ignore it away.
Teach maturity and judgement when drinking. Dont every say dont do it, tell them what to expect when they drink and how to drink in order to have a good time and not get in trouble
Still tell them driving impaired (sleep deprivation, alcohol, drugs ect) is bad and DONT DO IT.
One could make the same point with drugs, but I feel less people do drugs than drink.

also teach discreteness with videos and pictures
some are funny
others are offensive

and this stuff is learned by fucking up. In this case, it lead to an alleged sexual assault and eventual suicide. Most of us get off lucky with a few embarrassing stories or media we need to try and explain.

Right now it seems that we teach people about potentially dangerous things enough for them to be curious, but not cautious. This needs to change, or incidents like this will continue to happen and they dont need to.

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