Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ever have a night where you hate everyone?

Im going back to playing star trek online
atleast my crew listens to me there.

Perhaps the lack of social interaction has reduced my tolerance of people. probably.
But here is what I have to look forward to tonight.

A girl who will be uber upset about how much work she has to do, but yet complains about being bored all the time, keeps weird hours and doesnt do her work.

A girl who is drunk texting me.

A girl who is texting me, and is still unaware of who I really am.

A girl texting me, and telling me things that her boyfriend told her to say
-and let me add that talking to these two is becoming less and less fun because they are pulling on me what they pulled on their room mates, they only want to talk to me when they need a favour  it has not happened often but I can see it happening.

Finally A girl, an old fuck buddy, keeps insisting that she talk to me in order to be friends (because she likes me and would still want to fuck if she were single)
Probably because I am a superior mate compared to her current one in terms of looks, intelligence and fun.
Problem is, this girl is boring and was one of those achievement unlocked fuck buddies, I dont mind her but she is boring and talks with that stupid inflection at the end of every sentence that sounds like they are asking a question. Hell, she was even boring in bed...on the other hand no foreplay for her, straight to sex. Could be good if you were looking for a bang and go. But she keeps on texting me, and I tell her, you are fucking boring, I dont want to talk to you because we usually have nothing to talk about.

Mother of cock I hate women.

People wanting to play age of empires and forgetting that the game is like the old starcraft, you are either really fucking good, or not. There is no middle ground, and I am not because while they were out getting good at this game, I was fucking several females trying to figure out what good sex is.

IT IS NOT A TEETHY BLOWJOB (you also know who you are)

Im bored, and I dont want to play video games or hang out with people...


Well thats a lie, Id love to play games or hang out however the weather/roads are discouraging vehiclar adventures and Id kinda like to win at a game of age of empires 2 for once.

I am not sure what the purpose of this rant is, I guess im bored and want to do something other than what I ahve been doing lately...which is hanging out and playing video games...perhaps Ill go for a run


Women, why do you comb your hair back straight, you know show off all the forehead?


Why dont you just let your hair down, christ, you dont need to do anything special. With the exception of pigtails (in certain situations) I prefer the hair down, much more attractive, I understand that you bitches need to keep the hair up and out of the way


Seriously, the hottest girl in my res would pull her hair back like that, look like she is ugly and 40 and make her roommate look awesome (but I like that since I had a huge crush oh her room mate) but that aside

womens hair? why do they spend so much time on it sometimes, and it looks like they just threw it on in 2 minutes and ugly as hell.

Why not juts wear it down or when they need it out of the way put it up in a nice ponytail? Why do they need to complicate things?

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