Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Into Darkness

I am seeing a fair bit of hate for the next instalment of the star trek movie by JJ

Dont know why honestly, I read a complaint how its just another big baddie.

(almost) every star trek movie had a big baddie, lets see

Star Trek 1 - V'Ger
Star Trek 2 - Kahn
Star Trek 3 - Kruge
Star Trek 4 - Whalers and Whale Aliens
Star Trek 5 - Sybok
Star Trek 6 - Chang
Star Trek 7 - Soran
Star Trek 8 - The Borg Queen/Borg
Star Trek 9 - Sona and Dowerty
Star Trek 10 - Shinzon

and as for baddie ships

Star Trek 1 - V'Ger
Star Trek 2 - Reliant
Star Trek 3 - Bird of Prey (later the Bounty)
Star Trek 4 - The 'probe' that disables everything
Star Trek 5 - The Enterprise
Star Trek 6 - Cloaked Bird of Prey
Star Trek 7 - Nexus (?)
Star Trek 8 - Borg Cube
Star Trek 9 - Sona Ships
Star Trek 10 - Scimitar

so, haters, shut the fuck up. There is always a big baddie, with a big ship to fight against the good guys, and it will be hard for victory. if it was easy, it would be a really short movie.

Lense flares
kinda justified, everything looked really shiny in star trek but the point of star trek was the universe was new, fresh and not used or corrupted (opposite of star wars)

Interior of enterprise looks like an apple product...yupp kinda justified as well

Giving away the name of the baddie

USS Vengeance - it looks starfleet but it doesnt at the same time, why would starfleet design such a vessel?


a) what if it is a klingon attempt at designing a better enterprise?
b) mirror verse?
c) time travel?

so all this hate before the movie, only half of it is justified. Give the film a chance, if you want to bitch about something, bitch about the host or twilight. If you do give this movie a chance and think its shit, bitch then.

Otherwise, just wait 2 and a half weeks.

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