Wednesday, April 24, 2013

an honest evaluation of rage

First of all, I love id and I love Rage

Rage had some 'issues'
Bullshit, the game would have been an incestuous suicidal 14 year old if it was human.

Well first of all, the PC game (upon its first release) played and looked like a god damned beta
I actually broke the game in one part (and I bought the anarchy edition) and it look liked I had accidentally gotten into the level editor and I was fucking around with the size of a box.

That was fun, but weird.

The game does take forever to load, now by no means is my computer cutting edge any more, however I have yet to get a game even recently that I cannot play at full settings.

It seems to me the overworld map takes FOREVER to load, but thats okay
because it is fucking beautiful.

Enough ripping on it for now, lets get into the awesome bits of it.

Aesthetically its beautiful and perfect. The characters have a fluid of motion, bad guys respond to bullet momentum and their deaths keep their momentum. The environment is beautifully designed and well thought out. The characters are awesome.

The driving is a blast, I would argue more fun than borderlands.
The vehicles are customizable and upgradable. The races are exciting and the vehicular combat is exactly what I want out of cars with guns, fast and simple.

The guns are another thing
There is not a single useless or not fun gun, with multiple ammo types (for most weapons) you have an extremely over powered arsenal attached to your back, but the game does not seem too easy. I love a game that makes the games difficulty around the weapons and not vice versa, this is a typical id thing to do anyway. Seriously (besides the pistol) what weapon in doom was not awesome and/or useful?

The is where Rage failed.
Its short, its half a story and from what I have recently discovered this is the 360's fault. While computers were computers and awesome (more ram, blu ray, hard drive space) and while the PS3 had the forward thinking to install blu ray on it standard the 360 did not, which meant the game had to be much, much smaller to be played on the 360 (which I would assume has a larger base than PS3 or PC) so in order to sell a game and make money, they had to make the game's size appropraite to the 360, and instead of cutting things like the look and feel of the game, they chopped the length.

Good solution: basically meant tonnes of DLC to finish the story and a sequel to advance it. problem
the game did not sell well (I dont know why honnestly, but Im guessing it was the load times)

which were atrocious ACROSS THE BOARD
now it is a game with a terrible ending and bad load times
a game which promised to be the awesome parts or borderlands and fallout.


The poor and incorrect advertising is what killed the game, it should have been marketed as a shooter from the company that started shooters.

The sky has fallen, and a hero must rise.

Or some shit like that. Imply the asteroid, show off the driving, show off the smooth and awesome animation and show off the crossbow and shot gun (and what they can shoot)

however we were told it took the best of 2 popular and similar games.
There was no RPG elements
IT was like borderlands (where borderlands is yes an open world and you can choose what you do but still basically linear)
It had the excellent post apocalypse story and atmosphere of fallout
It did not have a level system
It was not much of a sandbox
It did not ahve nearly as many different weapons or character customizations

It is supposed to be a shooter, a callback to the old school shooters, simple things. THIS is what I feel ID was planning on challenging its old time foe, duke nukem, with. Perhaps if advertised as such, it would have.
(perhaps if more people gave a fuck about duke, it would have been a challenge but thats another story)

In summary
-Short story, bad ending
-Glitchy as hell (but remember, bethesda owns ID now and they are kinda renown for this)
-Slow load times

-Beautiful environment
-Badass weapons
-Excellent plot, atmosphere
-Driving a blast
-Animations smooth and realistic

the good outweighs the bad so pick this up, its on steam for cheap. (also buy the DLC, the female lead is hot as hell)

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