Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dealing with womenfolk

Ok gents, here are a list of things I have learned about women, either from experience or from others. 1) When a girl says nothing, it always means something. No matter the context Women are unable of actually thinking about or doing nothing. 2) When a girl says she does not want something obviously girly (and it seems too good to be true) then it is. Get it for her Women say they dont want a gift, or a ring, or flowers, or chocolates or valentines day. They usually do, they feel saying they dont will make you love them more, and besides they liked to be surprised 3) Girls like being surprised Pretty self explanatory 4) Girls hate being bored Pretty self fucking explanatory 5) Girls rarely ever contact you first, they like getting phone calls, text, ect first They like to think that you are still chasing after them or some shit like that. 6)

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