Thursday, February 14, 2013

Couple of things

First of all, there is atleast 2 different things today (I know, semi organization what the fuck is this) IT is to confuse you less my one devoted reader. First of all, thank god for restrictions on facebook it makes womanising so much easier, it prevents them from finding out about one another and limits what they can say and do on your wall! Which is great for this time of year, if you have multiple women...around valentines day, you are a fucking tool. Every bitch wants flowers and chocolate and cuddles and kinky sex Thats another thing that bugs me, why do women feel that valentines day is somehow special enough that they will be clean shaven and do crazy fun shit in bed that you may have suggested before when it is expected out of you, as a man, to do whatever she wants all the time. Valentines day is hated by all men, but look at it this way, it is basically one of the few days of the year where she will be horny enough (ideally by flowers and chocolate) to do whatever you want, just remember this is her day. They should call this two-night (hahaha terrible pun is terrible) or female climax afternoon or fuck her senseless in the god damned morning. Atleast the male equivalent next month is simple. Steak and Blow job day. That is all we demand, you make us an awesome steak and then suck our cock. Not this flowers, chocolate, date, bullshit. And for men in a proper, boring relationship. VALENTINES DAY IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO GIVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND CHOCOLATE, FLOWERS OR TAKE HER OUT ON A DATE. For fucks sakes, just do this shit when you want to, if its forced it will not feel as sincere. Back on track...kinkiness. I know of some girls who feel tonight is a special night, will wear lingerie (they will get matching sets. Girls go lingerie shopping together, kinda ruins it when say your girlfriends best friend and her boyfriend (a good friend of yours) are wearing the same lingerie. I feel so fucking special, now I can imagine falon in that lingerie. Fucks sakes. Now kinkiness in bed, why do you feel valentines day is the day, it is not fucking romantic, its an arbitrary day for some saint that was remotely related to reproduction. Girls (like men) just fucking do it when you feel like it, surprise us. Have you ever had a big breasted brunette show up at your door in a bath robe dressed like a slut underneath? As irritating as it may be because both parties perhaps had school work to do, it was surprising and fun. Okay that deals with one point of why does valentines day have to be special and why cant that shit happen any other day and be just as good. Womanising, well this is clearly not the time of year to do it, as mentioned above, my buddy is stringing along 2 girls. He was smart about it (learned from the best what can I say) they are both in different towns and are unlikely to meet each other. Both are also of different ages, so are even less likely to meet each other. They are both dumb as fucking post so they wont even get it, even better. The one thing he did not learn from me: THIS TIME OF YEAR IS NOT THE TIME TO DO THIS SHIT. Hell, this time of year isnt even the best time to have A GIRL WHO HAS A CRUSH ON YOU, SHE WILL FUCKING RUIN EVERYTHING. There was a dance in highschool, I had given up my womanising ways for a blonde in a red dress (Blonds, I know I know. I have since learned my lesson) And there was another girl, who liked me, AND SHE WENT ON FACEBOOK CLAIMING TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND AND FUCKED EVERYTHING UP. I didnt even try to explain or defend myself because I honestly didnt care. Girls are more likely to trust a complete stranger than their boyfriend. Another lesson when dealing with women folk. I think I may put up a post next about lessons I have learned about dealing with,dating and cheating on women. Women had the rules, men had the game. This is ultimately how you win, breaking both basically. After that event, HENCE WHY RESTRICTED IS THE BEST THING EVER. If that was a thing then...I would have had so much less drama in my life. If I wasnt a womaniser I probably would have gotten laid sooner If I wasnt a womaniser...god knows which one of the 9 I would be dating now. There was one other thing I wanted to mention...valentines day being 'special', restricted... I had absolutely awesome dreams of making out/fucking [unspecified female...but you know who you are] infront of my buddies at some hotel room while they werent getting any, because I am a dick and she is as fun as I am.... Fuck it, cant think of it thats all I got.

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