Thursday, January 24, 2013

I need to stop watching fucked up shit

My dream was alarmingly fucked up last night Perhaps its that shit of a film dogtooth we sat through, if nothing else it was a good film to make fun of, fucking greeks. This same female suggested we watch babel which is a long and unpleasant film to sit through as well, but you cant make fun of it as much. Our taste in films is different apprantly, I enjoy being entertained, she enjoys watching incest, rape and general unpleasantness. I dont think she has watched human centipede or anti christ. We should sit down and watch these films. Moving on, that isnt the point, the point is of the dream I had which is part Dating Sim, Shooter, Driver. It was like a terrible and awesome video game It was just fucked and Im not sure how I came up with this shit. I start off chasing after this blond, long story short she was leading me on. Typical fucking blonds Lesson 1: Fuck blonds, dont ever think they are capable of half decent relationships. and when I say fuck, I mean intercourse, anything more and you are just asking for trouble: trust me. I remember handing out with this unnamed blond, us breaking into a building at the university that we both were attending then she ditches me for another guy >> blonds, so her and I go for an adventure. After that I decide to go for a drive and I hang out near an airport, where I see a Dash 8 on approach to final and the thing fucking crashes, I run up to the wrecked plane and dial 911, tell them what happened. Somehow the plan was full of cargo and the pilot and copilot are not injured, but that kinda fucked me up. One day after shopping for groceries with my mom she decides to take me to the crash site so I can deal with that (in a dodge charger of all things) When we get there we stumble across a familiar lake. Around the lake is this sketchy assed bridge, how the charger got across without it falling apart or falling into the lake is beyond me. We get out of the charger and it falls into the lake. Fuck. We venture down this cave, its very calming, bubbling rivers, beautiful plans...then we come across this building. And we must capture the intelligence. I shit you not. We are exploring the building (which honestly looks like it came from half life 2) and we are attacked by these humanlike things. And all of this has happened before, either in a different dream or my head is just telling me that this is familiar. I end up finding a machete and chopping my way through these creatures to the reactor, turning on the reactor and then activating the other systems to get to the intelligence upstairs. I put on a leather jacket I discover along the way and get to the intelligence and am teleported to the road with my mom, beside the charger. What the fuck. Then I wake up. This would be a hell of a movie if I could be bothered to write this in a semi logical manner, here is what is confusing. 1)Why a charger? 2)Why a machete? 3)Why half life? I cant even blame dogtooth or dexter before bed for the level of fucked up that was

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