Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beats the living fuck out of me

"There is nothing left for me here" Interesting phrase, a bullshit of a phrase. I can say there is nothing left in my hometown Except the love and support of my family and my friends and familiarity and you know what? That is a whole hell of alot more than there is in other places. "There is nothing I want here" is a more appropriate phrase, for example I want to fly and I cant do it here. Im here because Im not flying and when I start, Im gone to a strange town, probably with no friends or family or local support, or little. Saying there is nothing for me in a place, when there is, is like saying your friends, family and support mean nothing to you. Bullshit. When you have nothing, you will have them, they are the foundation that makes you. Without their support you would be nothing. So show a little god damned respect to those who care about you, dont say there is nothing left for me here, say what I want isnt here.

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