Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another day another rant

A had a girl say to me that she was afraid of penises. Whatever, shes allowed to be gay She then proceeded to ask me what to buy for her boyfriend. WAIT STOP THIS FUCKING TRAIN RIGHT NOW You are afraid of dicks and you have a boyfriend? Then you complain about the expensive shit he buys you? HE IS BUYING IT SO THAT YOU WILL FUCK HIM Girls like expensive things (diamonds for example) in fact if you buy a girl a diamond she will probably fuck you for the rest of your fucking life. He bought her a new 3ds (which is fucking awesome btw) she feels bad for not getting him something as expesnive GIVE HIM A FUCKING LAPDANCE OR LINGERIE FOR FUCKS SAKES HE WANTS TO GET HIS DICK WET Also I discovered that she had a different boyfriend this time last year, seems like she goes through them like coffee paper. PROBABILY BECAUSE SHE DOESNT PUT OUT! I dont blame her though, she is tiny, like totally tiny, like she makes petit girls look like fucking whales, I would hurt her, peter north would fucking kill her. Heres the thing...fucking lube! VAGINAS ARE LIKE ELASTIC BANDS! THEY STRETCH! AND IF AS A FEMALE YOU ARE WET YOU WILL TAKE THAT COCK! She should quit pretending to be straight and giving men hope. Be asexual be homosexual whatever, be straight and dont date I dont give a fuck. You are nothing more than a trophy to us men now, being a guy who fucked a chick who is afraid of cock is almost like saying that a guy has converted a dyke back to heteroism. This goes for all girls who are bisexual, or pretending to be straight or gay. Pick a fucking side, I dont care if you switch up every once in a while but pick a damn side and play with them for a bit. To this one girl, WE WOULD ENJOY YOU ALOT MORE AS A DYKE.

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