Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another day another rant

A had a girl say to me that she was afraid of penises. Whatever, shes allowed to be gay She then proceeded to ask me what to buy for her boyfriend. WAIT STOP THIS FUCKING TRAIN RIGHT NOW You are afraid of dicks and you have a boyfriend? Then you complain about the expensive shit he buys you? HE IS BUYING IT SO THAT YOU WILL FUCK HIM Girls like expensive things (diamonds for example) in fact if you buy a girl a diamond she will probably fuck you for the rest of your fucking life. He bought her a new 3ds (which is fucking awesome btw) she feels bad for not getting him something as expesnive GIVE HIM A FUCKING LAPDANCE OR LINGERIE FOR FUCKS SAKES HE WANTS TO GET HIS DICK WET Also I discovered that she had a different boyfriend this time last year, seems like she goes through them like coffee paper. PROBABILY BECAUSE SHE DOESNT PUT OUT! I dont blame her though, she is tiny, like totally tiny, like she makes petit girls look like fucking whales, I would hurt her, peter north would fucking kill her. Heres the thing...fucking lube! VAGINAS ARE LIKE ELASTIC BANDS! THEY STRETCH! AND IF AS A FEMALE YOU ARE WET YOU WILL TAKE THAT COCK! She should quit pretending to be straight and giving men hope. Be asexual be homosexual whatever, be straight and dont date I dont give a fuck. You are nothing more than a trophy to us men now, being a guy who fucked a chick who is afraid of cock is almost like saying that a guy has converted a dyke back to heteroism. This goes for all girls who are bisexual, or pretending to be straight or gay. Pick a fucking side, I dont care if you switch up every once in a while but pick a damn side and play with them for a bit. To this one girl, WE WOULD ENJOY YOU ALOT MORE AS A DYKE.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I love christmas, honnestly besides the fact that you get shit and eat food There is snow (usually in my neck of the woods) and people are in generally better spirits towards strangers, and completely impatient with family. Im not here to rant and rave about the commercialism of christmas, Im here to rant and rave about christianity and christmas 1) JESUS WAS NOT A FUCKING WINTER BABY If you read the bible, that decree,that caesar put out, WHY NOT FIGURE OUT WHEN THE FUCK THAT HAPPENED. Apparently it is commonly believed that Jesus was born in october, an autumn baby. Neat. Anyway, Jesus' birthday is celebrated at the end of december to line up with some old pegan shit. Not that I think that peganism or whichcraft is any better, but are you fucking serious christianity? Resorting to misinformation and deciept to get people to follow your religion "Hey look! We are celebrating too! Why not join our religion" This would not be the first time the christians tricked people to be more accepting of their religion and certainly not the last 2) The 3 kings/wisemen There was not 3 kings or wisemen. They were from east of bethlehem and followed a 'star'. They looked to the sky and saw something fucked and decided to follow it. Apparantly they were not so wise, because this was a sign. Well, I suppose it was the mentality of the time. Anyway, it appears they would be astronomers, so sure wise. Im not sure where the king thing came from, or what king they spoke to (apparantly he was not king) Seems to me that this was made so that people would be all like "Oh my god! Kings are worshiping this guy, we should follow him" deceit again christians, bad form. The other thing, these wise men travelled in packs of 12 (still a signifcant number to the christians) not 3, it is assumed there was 3 men because they brought 3 gifts. Gold, frankensence and mir or however the fuck they are spelled. Turns out these 3 things are significant, gold obviously for living, one of the fragrences is used during buriel and the other growing up. The wise men didnt think Jesus was long for this world apparantly, but they gave him all he would need in order to not work or have any stress. Thats interesting, why the fuck dont you preach on this symbolism christians. FUCK ASS. If you know the bible and do some digging you will see that the wise men are actually filled with signifcant things for the christians, but some fuck tards wrote songs (commericalized songs) and now people view them as fact. Bible does not say 3 kings, it says wise men, from the east bearing gifts of gold, frankenscense and mir. All christmas traditions, stockings, trees, gifts came from a pegan celebration apparantly, christianity just adopted it into their own to get more people to like their religion. Smart move, as much as I hate the things they got wrong its brialliant, the time when this was becoming a thing christianity was dynamic and changing willing to adapt to survive and encourage all to join in the religion, now not so much. In fact it seems to me the christians are the ones most ready to believe that the apolcypse is comming (dont get me started on the mayans, perhaps another time) and they are very defensive about god, everything is gods will or if people were more christian bad things wouldnt happen. They are so quick to thank god and blame a lack of god for everything. Honnestly, I dont think god gives a fuck about us right now. He has given the human race everything we need to succeed and has sent us off and is waiting for us to discover new things and grow beyond his expectations. When this happens he will reveal himself to us and take us to the next level, seems to me most people who beliebe in god dont believe in this. Its time to stop relying on god and start relying on ourselves. we are like the child who has just learned to ride a bike, and our father god has been behind us for a long time making sure we wouldnt fall, but then he pushed us and off we go, to explore the universe. He has given us the bike and taught us to ride, we dont need his help anymore. But should there come a time when he is needed, he is just a text message away, and will show up in a car. But he will not hold our hands forever, infact I think after the death of christ he has stopped holding our hands and left us to our own devices. Thank him for everything he has given, ask for help if needed, but ultimately rely on yourself.