Saturday, April 28, 2012


You know what I suppose it is a little late for this
but I think the time to stop going on the internet is when you see women you recgonize in porn.
Like the chicks you used to know in highschool, at university I am casting any female I find into a possible porn.
What has changed, I mean I suppose tits are tits, but when you see the tits of some female you know (weather you fapped to her or not) on the internet is it suddenly...weird.

Recent Developments

Alot has happened lately and I have not been able to keep up the blog at all really. On the relationships front: my friends are weiners. The two guys bitching about their exes, faking pregnancies, rapes assaults being cheating whores ect ect ect. They swear that these girls are honest and wouldnt lie about certain things, fuck it must be nice to be that naieve. These girls are using them, not the other way around. These poor fucks are trying to make this work and it wont. The girls will cheat, lie and leave as soon as it is no longer convenient for them, then they will come to me and complain and I will say I told you so and they will want to hit me, have a few drinks and determine they are better off and find another chick. A week will pass and they will miss the girls, but then get drunk again and find another one, and this will basically go on until they either end up back with the whore or they get over them. Seeing as they have not gotten over them yet I have little faith in this. They may get angry at me for writing this. IM DOING THIS FOR YOUR FUCKING WELL BEING Ugh...oh well in other news I did absolutely miserably in school, to the point of suspension I think. Kinda sucks, but I have been told by some doing this post secondary shit for 5 years non stop no real vacations is part of the problem, I should take a break then come back to it slowly, perhaps they are right. And I have started playing fable again, I am not sure if I want to make a Rasputin based character or just play it through as a swordsmen/spell caster. Perhaps Rasputin would be better used in fable 3 where they actually have GUNS. The game fucked up on me though, the models are all out of proportion, I may have been modding the game and fucked something up accidentally, probably. AND now, for those of you who give a fuck and actually read this (those of you who know me in real life already know this) I have something fun coming up in a couple of weeks. I will writing more about this and in the mean time you should look up SuperGLoad on youtube.