Monday, January 16, 2012

You know what, atleast ONE girl masterbates to you

and in my case, it is probably several others. I know theres some I am constantly fapping to. Pornstars and the like, anyways I have been thinking

I want to be house president

Why you ask?

Money? No, dont get paid
Power? No, not for power

I fucking love my residence and I think it is the best. Nothing compares and I wish to make it even more awesome, make it things of legend.

I think I have some support from my house mates, but I may wait around.
I think there is possibly others who are running for it who would be just as good as me (not better of course) and I would prefer to work with them to make this house great and not against them in an election. Time will tell.

In other news, speaking of masterbation,
I got my blow up doll back and he will be making the rounds in various peoples beds
ought to be a good time, anyways i should get to sleep

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