Friday, November 25, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

And what does one do when one is thirsty, one drinks. Last night my dorm was in its full glory for no real reason. The night started quietly enough, a few casual drinks in my room, my neighbours room and the presidents room down the hall. Before long everyone is fucked up with a majority of them heading to a bar for cheap tequilla shots. Im not sure how that went, I was one of the ones who stuck around and chilled out. We also drank more. There was some interesting happenings in the house. First of all, one of my neighbours sat on a milk crate outside his friends room and coached him through sex. He finnaly emerged convered with hickies around his neck, half naked. In a real what the fuck, leave me alone, im fucking kinda mood. Then he wandered downstairs looking for condoms...which once again I provided. The guy who sat on a milk crate, then pissed in my other neighbours trash can. He saw the urine and picked up the trashcan and felt the heat through the can, apparantly, then procedded to chase the milk crate guy with a bucket of piss and attempted to throw it on him. Then we wander to the closest bar to meet up with our lost komrades. First thing I see, a guy and a girl making out (they fuck later, but that is a story for later) The thing about this girl, she fucked this guys best friend back in october (when she still had a boyfriend) its amazing what you will learn about people whilest you drink. Turns out, I wasnt blacked out drunk and recall everything I did, which was be brutally honnest and apparantly tell people something that they didnt know. That chick and that guy in october, apparantly I, their friends were the only ones who knew they fucked. THEY LEFT THE DOOR WIDE FUCKING OPEN. I seen it happen. Anyways, there is another girl out with us, why she is relevant will be revealed later. We bounce to the next bar have another drink then bounce to our last place to acquire food and last drink for me. Where the guy and girl show up, making out, pissing off his best friend. He is drunk and leaves, all depressed, he wanted to fuck her. I suggested that they have a 3some so I can record it and sell it for fun and profit. They didnt listen, that sucks. Anyway, that other girl I mentioned, apparently she has had a huge crush on the guy who left depressed, once, back around the time when there was frosh parties and when he fucked that girl. She knew why he was depressed and we spoke some and then wandered back home.
I didnt have a jacket on all night, didnt want to loose or forget anything. I didnt find it cold out.
Anyways, get back to the house, go to my buddies room and he offers me medication for the hangover that I will probably have, I feel fine now, I dont know if thats to my tolerance to alcohol, his meds or both. But, I need to thank him for the pills. Upon my return that second girl, the one who was crushing on the depressed guy asked for condoms. My friend had none, but I had some. So I walk to my room to get her some, and its that fucking chick! She was going to fuck the guy she was making out with at the bars. I told her to keep her door closed this time. She didnt. Now, somehow, that second girl, who was crushing on the depressed guy, forgot the conversation we had at the pub, and was surprised by the fucking between the chick fucking the guys best friend, and the guy. Went to bed sort of depressed, but then proclaimed ,before succoming to passed-out-nesss, that tonight was the best night ever.
I pretty much look like an asshole for being honnest about the shit I know, that I thought everyone knows. Now that girl, the second one. I like her. No, not that way you fucks, so I actually feel kinda bad for making her sad/upset/whatever. She said last night, to my buddies girlfriend, that I should say sorry for being so blunt.
If my father heard that I had done that, he may disown me. So, I am presented with a decision. Appologize, and bring it up again or do nothing. Im leaning on the latter and banking on that most of my dorm doesnt have a clear memory of last night.

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