Friday, November 4, 2011

its 3am...and I still cant sleep

Well in this case I dont really want to, I dont feel like it. I suppose (if you give a fuck and actually read my ramblings) why I have been speaking of love in the last post. Well, lately Ive been thinking. Mostly because many of my friends come to me for adivce on this stuff, love, like, lust, attraction. Given my reputation I understand i dont understand why they want to know what a womanizing bastard, a man who acts purely on lust by times, has to think about such things.

Probabily its because i know what not to do, and if nothing else I can make sure that these people dont fuck up like i did and dont turn out like me.

There can only be one generic asshole, anyways I think I have pushed these guys in the right direction, towards comittment and a good healthy relationship and I envy them.

I wish when I was younger I had a guy like me guiding me, otherwise maybe I would not have fucked up relationships and friendships with possibly the most perfect women i have ever met. Or maybe I would not have been stupid enough to waste time with the ones who would fuck with me and lead me to where i am right now.

no matter, you guys want some vigilanties dont you? Yeah, thats going up in a few minutes.

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