Friday, May 27, 2011

girlfriends and nerf

As I sit here, on the shitter purging body and mind I came to a sad realization:
I am the only fuck in my group of fucks who does not have a girlfriend present...

Well, except for maybe animal but he is going for that chick...
Time heals all wounds and helps you forget, I had forgotten what that girl is like.
Animal, she isnt exactly the quickest turtle in the sea.
Yeah I met her before a few years back, didnt think she was like that.
Yes, she also looks hotter on facebook, dont you hate those kinds of girls.
Ok, to be honest, I thought she was taller, and had she been taller she would have been hotter,
hell maybe shes got a great body Im not the one trying to see her naked.
Im sure my friend is pretending to care, be all sweet and gentlemanly and shit.
He learned from the best, what can I say.
Either way, this brings forth a problem: I go and hang out with these fucks, and when I leave they fuck and I masturbate.
At least with the guys at the university this problem is less pronounced. There is 4 who are single.
In both groups there is the common factor of nerf. I have 2 armies at my command...that are more likely to engage in battle with each other than work together to take over the world.

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