Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The future

Well, since the level of stupidity and drunkeness that I experience is decreasing (thank god...i think) so this means...your gunna have to wait for the weekend/new years before any more crazy stories.

I suppose some of you have heard about my latest project, a scientific study on women, what they say, what they do how to figure them out. basically like a car has a drivers handbook, i hope to make a handbook about women for men. Another project is the resurrection of the university survival guide, as i am considering going back to university depending on job prospects. So you can expect these two ideas to be merged into one, the study on women will include the anomaly of the 'whore train' and the survival guide 'wing man theory'.

There is also works of fiction that i have been meaning to work on for some time; they include (in no particular order)

-Apocalypse - Magic, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Gods beating the shit out of each other
-Vigilantes - Basically for anyone who played the vigilante 8 series of games, an expanded story with some new characters
-Premonitions - A fucked up quest to save a princess
-Duality - Another fucked up quest of a man exploring his mind
-Andromeda - As you know, I love andromeda, and hate how it ended, so I have committed myself on rewriting everything...post season 2 basically to have a better, more fulfilling

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