Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Games

Time to get away from the bitches and onto something with some relevance.

There are some faggots who call themselves gammers. I am talking about those snot nosed pricks, those 12 year olds who only play shit like COD.
Realism? Nameless soldiers what the fuck is this, does anyone not remember the days when you were a nameless space marine fighing the demons from hell?
Or a silent man killing the shit out of aliens with a crow bar?
How about a testosterone fuelled womanizing, steroid abusing, drunk, ripped as fuck blonde douchebag killing aliens to save strippers and whores?
What happened to making a video game with a lack of realism?
Now dont get me wrong, there are video games who stick to this
Ie: Borderlands and Fallout 3. Not exactly realistic, but atleast not generic as Call of Duty or Halo. Point being, I hate generic shooters.
Soldiers, fighting soldiers with realistic physics and weapons...real politics.
To be honnest, video games for me are an escape from reality.
So, shooters! (I generally like most RTS, I am just not good at them)

Duke Nukem
Half Life
Call of Cuty

Thats not a complete list, but thats basically the point. and this is about my anger on several subjects

1) Delay on Duke Nukem Forever (Its been 11 fucking years)
2) No new news on Doom 4 (been atleast 2-3 years waiting to hear something)
3) Severe dealy of Half Life 2:Episode 3
4) See above causing severe delay on Half Life 3
5) Fucking 12 year olds on X-Box
6) Realism in an environment where YOU CAN DO ANYTHING

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