Saturday, August 14, 2010

In other news

Im doing a fair bit of flying, done multi ground school.
It feels good to have a logical schedule, and be back in class. I missed the general douchebaggetry that is my class.
We are all assholes, and its hilarious by times.
In other news, flygirl (because I wont mention any REAL names here) still has my disarono from a few weeks ago. She suggested that she bring it to class and we drink it, as fucking hilarous as that would be, I do not want to be kicked out from THIS school, so Im afraid that I will have to pass on that.
MILF > Younger
heres why, younger girls will waste time with guys who dont trust them or are only looking for sex. Alot of SINGLE (even not so single) MILFs just want sex, they will want to marry someone who will be a good father, so heres the key to MILFS turn on the charm and charisma and flirtatiousness and they will fuck you silly, but make sure you dont put yourself out there as good parenting material, you will just be in a world of shit

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