Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A game Idea

You know what? Why can't there be an RPG like game (or mod or something) where the players control a motor vehicle, armed with guns against other cars with guns.
And to improve your cars weapons or armour you loose some power from your engine.
For example, lets say it cost about 100rpm or 10hp or something per shot to fire a gun
Your car is producing 200hp at 5500 rpm, now you only have 5400 rpm to play with for acceleration and top speed. If you want to make your car more mobile, (not accelerate fast, turn fast) you need to use a bit more power to steering, to make your car more stable make it heavier, but now it needs more horse power to accelerate the way it would have when it was lighter and will have a slightly less top speed.
Wait, they did a game that complicated, it was called interstate 76 AND IT DOESNT FUCKING WORK ON VISTA!
Either way, I think that would be a fun mod for D&D or some tabletop dice game. While we are on topic of this, let me tell you about my dream vigilante car

7th Generation Honda Civic (maybe 9th because I hear they are going back to be baddass)
8th Generation Honda Accord

2 Door (coop)

V6 engine
8 Forward Machine guns mounted in the hood
Air scoops on hood to provide better cooling
2 Gatling/Chain guns mounted on the side
Higher ground clearance
Better suspension
8 sidewinder missiles stores below the car, then moved to the sides of the car before being shot
Larger gas tank stored in truck (much larger)
Frame made from titanium, laminated with kevlar (light and durable) :)
Painted bright blue
With black racing stripes running down the left side, halfway between the gear shift and the passenger side door.
Also, must be standard.

Now, onto the weekend.
Well, it was ninja girls 19th, so we celebrated the only logical way how: alcoholism
and in my case unfiltered cherry prime times

So I bought a pint of voldka and a pint of disarano. I didnt touch the disarano but in the hour and a half that we were at the house pre drink party I consumed over 3/4 of the voldka, and mixed it with redbull.
I was feeling pretty good at that point, and stopping there would not have ruined the night.
Therefore I proceeded to drink moar at the bar
4 shots of JD
1 shot of fireball
1 rum and coke
2 voldka sour
2 jd and coke
2 of an unknown drink

10-12 ounces of hard liquor in the 2 hours at the O2

It was briallian, however ninja girl kinda buzzed killed us, well except for me who was too intoxicated to give a fat fuck at that point. She left at 1230-1 with her exboyfriend
much to the annoyance of the other guy there, who asked me earlier for condoms, WHO HAD BEEN GOING ON THE WHOLE FUCKING NIGHT ABOUT HOW HE WANTED TO FUCK HER AND HOW SEXY SHE LOOKED! (sorry ninja girl, i should have warned you but to be honnest I forgot he said it by the time we got to the house party)
So he decides to go after the cute asian, much to the slight annoyance of the guy asian
but they all failed, apparantly they looked more drunk than I, as I was walking and talking straight much to the surprise of the angry frenchmen (whom I shared alot of prime times with that night)
and we got the exact same cab driver home as we did going to the o2, so that was cool. I crashed at the angry frenchmens appartment, had my final prime time, watched some just cause 2 and everything is fucking spinning, became aquainted with his toilet, more just cause 2 repeated the process and decided to go to sleep.
Woke up, dry heaved for hours, got an anti-nauseant which induced vomiting, but then felt pretty fucking good.
drove ninja girl to truro and eventually got home
needless to say, it was a pretty good fucking weekend

Did I mention the blue underglow to the car, well it will have blue underglow (in the form of blacklight)

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