Wednesday, July 7, 2010


You know what? the idea of vampires, werewolves and humans falling in love with each other is an intersting one. It would be like a metaphor for people opposed of interracial marriage, but now its inter species.
Would that even fucking work?
Okay, so they are all more or less human, with the not so human having super human powers.
I can deal with that
So why in the fuck did twilight fumble this idea so badly?
simple, instead of catering to vampire-fags, werewolf-fags, you know people who like that shit, goth ect.
they catered to women, aged 14-30
mind you, that is a bigger crowd and WILL make a profit, so if it was done just to make money, good on the writer and movie makers
but i know thats not why it was done, the writer basically wrote her wet dream, as is every womans dream, to be fought over by many men with super human powers.
Fucks sakes women are shallow.
Anyways moving on, I have a better idea for this shit.
Vampires - who act like vampires
Vampires - who are pansies who do not drink human blood and therefore have to hold back the urge to tear people to pieces and are slight weaker than their human blood sucking relatives
Werewolves - who are actually werewolves, you know the half-wolf half man kinda shit, not one or the other
Hunters - humans who hunt (successfully) werewolves and vampires
and finally Vampires, Werewolves and humans fighting other vampires werewolves and humans with modern military equipment.
some of them are using swords and riding dragons.
Thats right, a vampire on a dragon against a human in a fighter jet
and werewolves jumping from fighter jet to fighter jet using samuari swords to slice through the wing before jumping off onto another one.

But enough of the violence and action, lets get back to the point here.

The love story:
if a love story can be described with a geometric shape, then its fucking stupid.
Ever hear of true fucking love nimrods?
where one man loves one woman
where yes other men and women can lust after these people, but basically it wont fucking matter.
Christ, and women get pissed of at me when i cheat, and its their fantasy to cheat with meny men? bitches, fuck off.
How about some interspecies relationships?
Human and Vampire - fuck yes
Human and Werewolf - fuck yes
Werewolf and Vampire - ohmygodwhatthefuckareyouthinking

So there will be basically 6 major characters
Human Male
Human Female
Werewolf Male
Werewolf Female
Vampire Male
Vampire Female

are they all going to be connected, yes of course
these are the heroes of the story, you know, the good guys?
homosexuality? not in this one, that will be saved for another story.
Well maybe, why not some hot lesbian werewolf on vampire action?
Too much? maybe so but why not actually write a story about
homosexuality and interractial relationships are a reality
and yet they are still subject to prejustice, but why?
who the fuck cares, but lets let the extremes fight it out, with a small group of people willing to accept and comprimise for peace.
but the will ultimately kick the shit out of everyone else
now thats a fucking story

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