Saturday, June 5, 2010

Muderous Rage

Fuck spelling, I am very disappointed.
You know I am sure that she had a very good-
Fuck that, the cunt was most likely out drinking and doesnt want to fly. Well heres the scoop. I show up, hour and a half before my flight, I check the weather, I have a window of opportunity just long enough to get it in, I go to dispatch and I am instructed to call my instructor.
Allright, she tells me to delay the flight until 4:40, I could use the practice in bad weather. I tell her the ceiling at that time is 2500 and will be dropping to 600 by 5. She says go for it anyways. I tell her we will not be going, I like pushing it, hell I even like doing things that will decrease the longevity of my life but not things that will end it all together. She suggests a the same time.
Apparantly she had no cellphone to call/text me and no computer to send me an e-mail.
Bull fucking shit, I figure she was drunk fucking the asian students again. And was in no condition (or desire) to fly until 4:40. You know what? I waited for 2 or 3 hours. Grabbed some breakfast with my friend, watched some stupid shit online, shot the shit then we got bored. I determined that I was not going to wait for my instructor, I have better things, anything, that i could be doing other than sitting on my ass in uniform reading the FTGU for the one hundredth million fucking time.
Too long, didnt read?
Instructor a cunt and didnt show up and wants me to wait for 6 hours for her.
I dont, I am now writing this.

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