Monday, June 7, 2010

I have come to a shocking realization

Well, maybe not too shocking for those who know me.
I think I only go after (or only attracted to) women who are either clingy or fucking psychotic, and not the cool psychotic that I am, like fucked up, seriously fucked up. Or women that are clingy or fucked up are attracted to me...
Judging by previous girlfriends, that would seem to be the case. Or in some cases, both.
Fuck sakes, I suppose there should be a point to this.
Half Life 2: I fucking HATE barnicles
Team fortress 2: I fucking HATE spies and snipers
Doom 3: ...I dont really hate anything in that game

Well now to go on track, I rescued my friend last night from the horrors of the bus terminal in Moncton (to his girlfriend, my birthday gift to you is getting him out of there safely so he can see you today on your birthday. Enjoy)

I still would enjoy running about sackville with lightsabres in a duel that spans the entire town, until the rcmp instruct us to stop atleast.

And as soon as the weather gets better, hopefully megaprank (read earlier posts) will happen

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