Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome, fuckers

For anyone out there who can be bothered to read this shit, I promise that I will insult you...less. For those of you who will not read it, well fuck you, you dont matter.
I am the Generic Asshole, otherwise known as Askopa (learn some fucking greek), Gloadiator (hey traptastic), MarkGloadeias (have a shot for me will), Gloade (all the cadets and numerous people in school, thank you for making my life less miserable than it could have been) also, my former air cadet squardon, to those of you below the rank of flight seargent, you guys fucking rock and made that shit hole alot of fun. For those above that rank, I fucking hated you for what you put me through, but the past is past, Wholewheat (thank you Matt Graham and Josh McNeil, who proclaimed this, it fucking stuck), Little Crane (dont ask, but I thank my father for that one) and thats about it, oh right, and Mark.
A little about me
other than that I am a prick I enjoy DJing, Video Games, Flying, Friends, Friends Mothers, Driving and being and being a douche, causing either amusement or rage, depending on what night you get me.
I went to university for 2 years,
hated the school
loved the women
loved the booze
so they kicked me out.
Now I am at another school, doing something I love :), your mother =D.
Well I dont know what else to tell you, check out the links here and read. You may just learn something useful.

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