Monday, January 11, 2010

Update, assholes

Well its monday now
and I guess its time for a rant...
I fucking hate 2/3 's of the instructors I have had
Well, no, not really they are descent people I think, its just that one cant communicate, the other cant start a damn plane (neither could I, but I didnt fuck up)
Anyways, first off, my former instructor, let us call them cuntmongler, cuntmongler had a tendency to NOT SHOW UP FOR MY FLIGHTS. in cuntmonglers defence, the weather was crap but the least cuntmongler could have done was FUCKING CALL ME SO I DONT HAVE TO FUCKING DRIVE AN HOUR IN SHIT, RISK MY LIFE FOR A FLIGHT THAT DOESTN EVEN GO WHEELS UP. This happened atleast 2 times, possibly 3. The first time it happened I sent her 3 text messages asking cuntmongler if it would go or not, cuntmongler told me to wait like the other students. FUCKING HELL CUNTMONGLER, I HAVE TO DRIVE IN THIS SHIT, I WANT TO KNOW IF IT WILL BE WORTH WHILE FOR ME TO SHOW UP. cuntmongler never cancelled flights, never called or texted me to tell me not to bother, so like a good goddammed student, i showed up, did my preflight and waited for cuntmonger, at which point cuntmongler would not show up.
now for, i am going to call her, fuckingsexy
seriously, i want to strip her down an fuck the shit out of my current instructor
anyway, fuckingsexy just overprimed an plane, primed it 16 times (i believe 7 is too much)
but besides that, shes pretty cool. I had anotehr instructor in there, for the sake of keeping his identity secret, we will call him newf, and he was just fucking awesome.
Thats pretty much it for the instructors
Now for some general douchbaggerty
Fun thing to do 1) yell "smoking kills" as you pass by a smoker
2) if a guy is revveing his engine (to show off to prostitots) revve the engine of your small 4 cylander inline japanese car to piss him off.

now, for a new section (because these two pricks hold a special place in my dick)

seriously, we are the fucking 3 stooges, and what would the 3 stooges be without one of them? fucking faggots, thats what. and what is 1 stooge? a fucking idiot, so there must be 3. This section will be written by my komrades in wings the Ginger...spice and the french fuck.

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