Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reproductive Weekend

5 day until friday, thank fucking god.
well, lets start at the begenning shall we?
Its friday, and im at dispatch, flying planes, killing time waiting for flights to be cancelled.
And then I get home at 3 am. Im pretty fucking tired so I treat myself to some cold pizza and late night futurama.
I go to sleep, and have some mighty fucked up dreams. MFC trains people in rotary wing only. Scarry.
Anyways, now the fun begins.
ITS SATURDAY! and I work.
So I wake up and kill time until about 1. When my sister gets home, I borrow her van and head in to get the sound equipment.
I come home, with time to kill yet again so I decide to see what music i need to download.
I plug in my external hard drive, and it doesnt work
For hours I tried to get it to work, and I think the power supply is shot. FUCK
well atleast if I can get the power fixed I can get the data off of it.
Anyways, its 2 hours before set up now and I am downloading like a fucking fiend
I have 433 songs at the dance, I am going to be relying heavily on requests.
I search up the bare essentials, songs that will be played and songs I need.
I get them and off to the races.
Its no 6pm, I lug in my stuff and set it up.
It is 7pm...I start at 9
Fuck Im bored
Anyways, fast forward to 9pm, the dance starts.
There was 133 people confirmed for this, 110 tickets sold with another 70 sold at the door.
It was packed, it was hot
and those fuck tards gave me a fog machine hahaahhahahahahahaha!
What a briallant idea :)
The fog, the lights, the bass, the alcohol
There was drunken, promiscuous women, dressed provocatively.
I have this game I like to play its called "thats not your boyfriend/girlfriend"
referencing to people dancing with others on the dance floor, people who they are not fucking
this game changed to
That was not who you were dancing with 5 minutes ago (and still not your boyfriend/girlfriend)
you are not making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend
that is not who you were making out with 5 minutes ago (still not the boyfriend/girlfriend)
bigelows women really whored it up last night, and I am not surprised.
There is a reputation that they have developed from previous parties of being complete sluts it seems
Have I told you how much I love my job?
Anyway, the story does not end there. I had a few drinks (2 to be exact, rum and coke and a voldka lime, and a sip of voldka redbull at the begenning of the night)
so I clean up, have some pizza/garlic fingers at the after party and venture off to my former work place, the pub.
Guess what fuckers, I get free cover and cheap drinks.
I love life :)
Anyways I go there and meet some of my former co-workers.
They seem happy to see me (they dont see me often so its nice)
The first thing that one of them does is pounces on me (promiscuous, provocatively, pouncing) I fucking love alteration. and starts making out with me,
It was her birthday, maybe birthday sex was in order...
there goes my new years resolution of being more monogimous.
anyways she then shoves me into her glorious h cups
I fucking love my job
Makes out with me more, and lets me get a drink.
I dont fucking know what scooter gave me, but he gave me my shot of JD, and thats all that mattered :)
Had another sip of a new drink
So far this makes 3 mixed drinks, 2 sips, 1 maybe 4.5 drinks...over a peroid of 8 hours
I have to fly later, i dont want to get impared.
Anyways I head back to bigelow for a few minutes for some much needed mario kart, then I head home.
all in all, a pretty good fucking weekend. I have been asked to do another dance at the end of february and another dace sometime (possibly)
Also, a note to all women A DJ will play your song if you: make out with him/her, hanjob, blowjob, promise of sex after. For the men and women, bring the DJ a drink, your song will get played.
Also, on a side note, i am getting ripped so I can DJ shirtless/pantsless/underwearless because its really fucking hot behind sound equipment. That is all.

-The Asshole of the Generic Nature

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