Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its friday

...and normally I will be out with the boys, doing amuseing things
Yelling at people, waving nerf swords, and pretending to be storm troopers and jedi
but not tonight, first of all, girlfriends, my crew needs some shore leave, pussies.
Second, I just got home from school and I must say that after flying old cessnas again, I dont think I can go back to new.
Its like this, an old cessna is a well trained horse, one who will obey your every command, and do so with such skill and flow that you think you are one with it.
The new cessna is like a ravaging bronco, lots of power, bawls and speed but hard to control.
To be honnest, the old cessnas are 600lb heavier than the new ones, I was at full tanks with myself and my instructor (almost 400lbs total) and I were almost in the utility category. Almost, something ridiculously close. (im talking less than 50lbs) where in the new cessna I would have to go up with half tanks and fly for a while before achieveing this.
Old cessna,not fucking nose heavy, infact not heavy at all on the controls. The new cessna handles like its a much larger plane, with less speed and performance. Dont get me wrong, its a damn good plane, but in the words of my friend james "why fix what isnt broken?" the old cessna is a solid design, one being used for over 30 years (infact some aircraft are even that old) and still flying. the trouble with a new design is you introduce new problems. The S type 172 is not like a N type, where the N type was to correct problems with the M type. The S type is the 'best' possible plane design that cessna could make. Its heavier and faster, the old one had a better balance of speed, control and weight, where the new one it seems has alot of weight, difficulity to control and high speed. I can fly in a straight line, for a long time.
Which is great, but I want something that I can make dance through the sky.

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