Saturday, January 9, 2010

Before you complain

Yes, the post last night was late, maybe even technically on saturday morning.
Most of you can agree that it is no the end of the day until you have fallen asleep, by that rationalle, I have ended a 'friday' or 'saturday' night at 8 in the fucking morning. I used to DJ full time, but I no longer, because of lets just call it a difference of opinion about why I was fired. My old work place is now failing hardcore, they are not even making the money to survive, I give them another 2 years top before they call no joy. But do you know what REALLY sucks about it, its not the fault of my employers that this place sucks huge sperm whale dick. Its the administration higher up, they designed a new place for them and it sucks ass, inefficient and useless.They do not have the capacity or speed they used to have, and the students have to suffer now, seeing as there is no proper dance club at this school. I suppose you douchbags want to know how and why I was fired.
Well, a bouncer screwed up, and let an underager into the bar. Since this guy was a friend of mine, the bouncer said he was with me, and he was not. That gay fuck was too busy trying to get laid to noice people just walking in and out, because of his incompentence I was fired from a place that was going to shit faster than last nights pizza. heh, maybe I should thank him.

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